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Sound Bites: Holiday fun without the fuss

Nov 21, 2011

As the holiday season begins, and tables fill with beloved people and food, it can sometimes be difficult for hosts and hostesses to keep the emphasis on fun and away from stress.  But with a little strategy and a few thoughtful tips, we hope your festivities can include extra deliciousness and minimal mad dashing.  This month on Sound Bites, our collaboration with Sauce Magazine, the Sauce ladies share some of their ideas for a fuss free holiday.

Managing editor Stacy Schultz, art director Meera Nagarajan, and senior writer Ligaya Figueras  stopped by Cityscape last week with ideas on everything from satisfying eats and bar basics to making a new guest feel comfortable amongst a group of old pals.

Listen above and see more over at Sauce.  (Also, if those short ribs pictured above have your mouth watering, find out how to bring them to your table.)