St. Louis Co. to retest some tornado sirens this week | St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis Co. to retest some tornado sirens this week

Jan 9, 2012

St. Louis County will be re-testing some of its tornado sirens this week.

The county has already tested the new omni-directional, solar-powered warning system twice since Labor Day.

But a spokesman for the county’s Department of Highways and Traffic and Public Works, David Wrone, says residents living near 18 of the sirens haven’t been able to hear them.

“We’re going to be going down the line one by one, we’re going to test them individually," Wrone said. "So if people don’t hear them on the regular testing date, which is the first Monday of every month at 11 o’clock, they’re certainly encouraged to give us a call."

But Wrone cautions that people listening for the sirens from inside their homes may not hear them.

“These sirens are for outdoor use, in other words they’re for people who are outside when a storm is approaching," Wrone said. "So if you’re inside and you can’t hear it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with the siren."

The county’s new $7.5 million tornado warning system was financed through a communication sales tax approved by voters in 2009.

Wrone says overall, the system is working well.

This week’s tests will occur between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and will be preceded by an announcement advising residents "this is only a test."