STLPR welcomes ... David Cazares, our new arts, culture, health and science editor | St. Louis Public Radio

STLPR welcomes ... David Cazares, our new arts, culture, health and science editor

Jul 5, 2016


What's your name?

David Cazares

Where do you consider your hometown to be? 

Two towns: Indianapolis and Miami. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, and went to school around Indiana. But as much as I identify with my home state, for much of my adult life I have been rooted in South Florida, where I met my wife and my two daughters were born. I feel at home. I love the mix of cultures and languages there and consider it a part of the country that foretells coming changes to middle America. Indeed, I’ve seen and heard that happen, as whenever I fly back to Indiana, I hear Spanish at the airport there. A generation or two ago, that wasn’t the case.

What are you doing for us here at St. Louis Public Radio? 

I'm the Arts and Culture, Health and Science Editor.

What's something you've already discovered about St. Louis?

Its core, built decades ago, is huge and underused. On weekly bike rides, I’m often struck by the immenseness of St. Louis, and how quiet its older streets are, at least at night. Blocks go on for miles, sometimes without a car in sight, and the buildings recall a bygone era of busier days. Of course, in the suburbs there’s plenty of traffic and apparent wealth, something that speaks to the disparity of economic fortunes rooted in an unequal history. What stories those streets must tell.


Care to share a piece of audio or story you're proud of? What's in store for our listeners and web readers?

This story on jazz drummer Kevin Washington: 'You have to change the music'

What's one thing you'd like to know about St. Louis?

Where is the city's multicultural center?

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