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Three Arrests at Light Rail Protest

St. Louis, Mo. – Three people were arrested Monday following a protest at a light rail station in St. Louis.

About three dozen protesters carried signs and chanted at a rally. They're concerned about a lack of minority contracts for expansion of the Metrolink light rail system in St. Louis.

Three of the protesters briefly sat on the tracks but were immediately taken away in handcuffs by police.

There were no significant delays for Metrolink passengers, some of whom were headed to tonight's cardinals baseball game. Others were heading home from work.

The protest was similar to one that briefly shut down a portion of Interstate 70 in St. Louis in 1999. The issue is the same: Organizer Eric Vickers says too few minority-owned contractors are
being hired.

MetroLink is expanding from downtown to Clayton, then south to Shrewsbury.