Tune in tonight! Illinois Annual Budget Address | St. Louis Public Radio

Tune in tonight! Illinois Annual Budget Address

Feb 16, 2011

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn gave his annual state budget address today in Springfield.

Join us tonight at 7 p.m.  for a broadcast the full address on 90.7 FM or online here.

You can also follow along and read the full text of the Governor's address here.

So far, here are some reactions to Quinn's budget:

  • Advocates for the poor and elderly warn that budget cuts proposed by Gov. Pat Quinn could diminish care for Illinois residents. The cuts affect everything from health care to medicine for the elderly to treatment for addicts. Some changes could leave people to depend on the Medicaid health program.
  • Illinois Republicans applauded Gov. Pat Quinn for preaching fiscal restraint and job creation in his budget proposal, but they criticized his call for more spending. The Democratic governor wants to increase spending by $1.7 billion and borrow $8.7 billion to pay overdue bills. Aides say that's a result of using the new tax increase to pay costs that were being ignored.