University City opens domestic partnership registry to same-sex couples

Jun 1, 2011

As of today, same-sex couples living in University City can receive a domestic partnership license from the city clerk's office.

The ordinance falls on the same day that Illinois' new civil union law goes into effect.

The University City domestic partnership registry is a largely symbolic measure since it doesn't grant residents the same legal standing that marriage does, at least as far as the state is concerned.

However University City Mayor Shelley Welsch says she hopes the ordinance will set an example for other communities to follow.

"It's a formal recognition by the city of University City that we as a community want to recognize the validity of all different types of families in our community," Welsch said.

This registry provides those in domestic partnership the same rights as spouses at all University City facilities.

Illinois' new law gives same-sex couples the same rights, benefits and responsibilities of married couples under state law.