Watch: Saint Louis Science Center Deflates Exploradome After 17 Years

Jun 24, 2013

The Exploradome sits deflated at the Saint Louis Science Center on June 24, 2013.
Credit (Kristi Luther/St. Louis Public Radio)

After 17 years, the giant, inflated event and exhibition space at the Saint Louis Science Center known as the "Exploradome" has come down.

How much volume did the Exploradome have? Check out this infographic for some context.
Credit (via Saint Louis Science Center)

What started as an experiment to test the need for such a space, the Exploradome was deflated on Monday to make way for a permanent exhibition structure with indoor and outdoor elements. The Science Center says the dome took just over 9 minutes to deflate.

Here's a time lapse of the deflation:

Feeling nostalgic? In 1996, this is what the Exploradome's inflation looked like: