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Arlington National Cemetery

McCaskill meets with Arlington Cemetery officials

Nov 4, 2011
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Officials at Arlington National Cemetery say they have so far found no further evidence of misplaced gravesites as they continue to individually check each of the cemetery's nearly 260,000 markers.

The cemetery briefed Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Friday on its ongoing reform efforts following revelations last year of more than 200 misidentified gravesites.

McCaskill to visit Arlington Friday

Nov 2, 2011
UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill will visit Arlington National Cemetery on Friday to assess changes made there following the revelation that thousands of graves were mislabeled or unmarked.

McCaskill cosponsored a law that requires congressional oversight of the burial grounds.

The Democrat  says major changes have been made including the way the cemetery tracks various burial ground locations.

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A new report in TIME Magazine has spurred Sen. Claire McCaskill to demand an early accounting of the Army's efforts to clean up problems at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Nine days ago, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill wrote the Republican and Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives and asked them to add one more bill to an already hectic schedule.

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Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill says the Sente needs to vote - and soon - on her measure that would increase oversight at Arlington National Cemetery.