Beth Murphy

On The Trail
11:59 pm
Sun October 12, 2014

Green's Party-Crashing Victory Raises Questions About Value Of Partisan Elections

Megan Green recently won election to a Board of Aldermen seat as an independent. It may have indicated that voters in her ward were less interested in party identification and more concerned about individual candidates.
Credit Jason Rosenbaum, St. Louis Public Radio

On paper, Megan Ellyia Green should have been the underdog in last week’s 15th Ward election.

After Missy Pinkerton-McDaniel snagged the Democratic nomination in the race to succeed Jennifer Florida in the south St. Louis ward, Green decided to run as an independent. Given recent history, she didn’t face particularly good odds of winning a city that almost reflexively elects identified Democrats.

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Special Election
9:39 pm
Tue April 29, 2014

Murphy Wins 13th Ward Race To Replace Wessels

Credit (via Flickr/voxefxtm)


Democrat Beth Murphy won Tuesday's special election by a relatively large margin, as least by percentage standards. Murphy ended up with 79 percent of the vote compared to Republican Conan Prendergast's 20 percent.

The total number of ballots cast yesterday? 442.

Original story:

Voters in St. Louis' 13th Ward will have a chance to pick their next alderman in Tuesday's special election.

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Board of Aldermen
1:29 pm
Fri January 3, 2014

Murphy May Have Inside Track For Soon-To-Be-Vacant 13th Ward Seat

Credit Jason Rosenbaum/St. Louis Public Radio

As St. Louis Alderman Fred Wessels prepares to leave his post to lead the city’s Community Development Association, a long-time committeewoman is primed to take his aldermanic seat. 

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