circus harmony

Jessica Hentoff
4:13 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Mideast Fighting Strands Members Of Circus Harmony In Israel

The St. Louis Arches perform at Circus Flora in 2010.
Credit Provided by Circus Flora

The fighting in the Mideast has extended the stay in Israel of a local acrobatic group that uses the circus to bring people together.

Nine kids and three adults from Circus Harmony were scheduled to return to St. Louis July 23, but the decision to halt flights between the U.S. and Israel left them scrambling to make new plans. Now the flying St. Louis Arches will be landing next Tuesday morning.

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Circus Harmony
4:56 pm
Fri April 18, 2014

St. Louis Circus Kids Enjoy Union Station Trapeze — And So Can You

Ari Maayan (left), caught by trainer Jason English
Jessica Hentoff

Ari Maayan flies through the air with the greatest of ease, a daring young man on the flying trapeze — in the parking lot of St. Louis’ Union Station.

Maayan, 14, is the chief unicyclist with Circus Harmony, an organization with the goal of teaching kids circus skills and life lessons. He’s been with Circus for three years but on Wednesday, he enjoyed his first trapeze swing, complete with a back flip into the net below.

“It was really cool, it’s really like flying,” Maayan said.

Safety First

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