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(Joseph Leahy / St. Louis Public Radio)

A St. Louis County woman is facing federal charges for allegedly trafficking counterfeit goods at a flea market and other stores in St. Louis and Ferguson.

Soukey Fox was arrested early this morning in a raid at Frison Flea Market in Pagedale.  Federal law enforcement officials could be seen loading boxes into moving trucks behind the market.

Many customers say the place is known for selling cheap merchandise. Noah Hardy and Jazmine Wells say they were turned away this morning.      

(via Flickr/jespahjoy)

First, it was a tangle with Chanel, Inc. in 2009. Now, Jeannine Buford of  St. Louis has pleaded guilty to selling counterfeit handbags "made" by Hermés.

Buford purchased the bags from a Chinese manufacturer and then used an internet-based business to sell the bags as the real thing. 

A 2011 undercover operation by the FBI had one of their agents "buy" one of the handbags from Buford. However, the whole case came to light, the St. Louis' division of the FBI says, after someone filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.