Jason Rosenbaum

You listen to St. Louis Public Radio for our thorough coverage of news that matters in the region, news that helps shape your livelihood and well-being, and you rightly expect our verve to deliver this vital news to match our thoroughness.

And what better way to demonstrate this thoroughness than through a donut taste-off on National Donut Day!

On Friday, June 6, National Donut Day was celebrated fervently, with staff members bringing their favorite varieties, from bear claws to long johns, from their own favorite shops.

Joseph Leahy / St. Louis Public Radio

The Food and Drug Administration has a plan in the works that may affect your appetite. It wants to ban partially hydrogenated oils -- the major source of artificial trans fats in the U. S. food supply.

How will that impact St. Louis area bakeries, donut shops and grocery stores?

Like many mom-and-pop donut shops in St. Louis, the Donut Stop in Lemay fries with partially hydrogenated shortening – good for glaze retention, shelf life, and mouth feel.