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Illinois regional superintendents

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Illinois will trim the number of regional superintendent offices and high schools will look at beefing up math for students.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed four education bills Monday, including one that cuts superintendent offices from 44 to 35.

Regional superintendents have often been a target for officials looking to cut spending. Last year Quinn proposed eliminating them, but legislators instead shifted their funding from state to local money. The new law reduces overall cost.

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Illinois lawmakers want to cut the number of regional school superintendents by 20 percent.

They've passed legislation to trim the 44 regional superintendents down to just 35. The Illinois House sent it to the governor Friday without a single "no" vote.

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Last year Governor Pat Quinn vetoed the salaries for the 44 regional superintendents.

This month, the Illinois State Board of Education has put the appropriation for the officials back into its proposed budget.

Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents president Bob Daiber says he's hopeful the General Assembly will keep the funding line and the governor will approve it.

"We certainly believe we're making our case as to why we are so important as the delivery system of state services to public schools," said Daiber.

Quinn OKs bill to restore superintendents' pay

Nov 14, 2011
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It's official. Regional education superintendents across Illinois are going to get paychecks again after more than four months.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation Monday restoring the superintendents' pay.

Quinn eliminated their salaries from the state budget over the summer. He said the state needed the roughly $13 million for other services.

The superintendents and their assistants have not been paid since June.

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Ill. House OKs alternative pay for school superintendents

Nov 9, 2011
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The Illinois House approved a plan to pay regional school superintendents after Gov. Pat Quinn erased funding for their salaries last summer.

The House voted 74-36 Wednesday to use local property tax funds to pay superintendents and their assistants in 44 regional education offices. It would pay them for just one year.

Ill. school superintendent pay legislation fails again

Oct 27, 2011

Legislation to restore salaries for regional school superintendents after they were wiped out by Gov. Pat Quinn has failed in the Illinois House.

The vote Thursday was 59 to 55, but lawmakers can vote again later.

A House Committee had approved the legislation on Tuesday.

Ill. House panel votes to restore superintendents' pay

Oct 25, 2011
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Illinois lawmakers have taken the first steps toward restoring salaries for the state's regional superintendents.

A House committee on Tuesday approved legislation that would take the salaries out of a special tax fund for local government.

Now the full House will consider the plan.

Gov. Pat Quinn used his veto power to eliminate salaries for regional superintendents and their assistants. He said the state shouldn't pay for local officials when money is so tight.

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Illinois's 44 regional superintendents have decided not to appeal a court ruling that upheld Gov. Pat Quinn's right to cut funding for their salaries from the current state budget.

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Aug 25, 2011

Dispute over Ill. regional superintendent salaries heads to court

The superintendents have sued the state in an effort to restore salaries that were cut by Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn. The latest hearing is scheduled for this afternoon in Springfield.