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Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley

Plein Air Artists To Paint Riverfront City

Sep 5, 2014
A painter works on a scene overlooking the Mississippi River in Louisiana, Mo., at the 2013 plein air event.
Golden Hills of Louisiana, Mo., Plein Air

Artists are heading to the small Pike County city of Louisiana, Mo., to paint the town.

On Sept. 13, Louisiana will host its third plein air event. “En plein air” is a French expression meaning “in the open air,” and generally describes the act of painting outdoors. Organizers are expecting more than 25 artists from three states.

“They set up their easels and they paint the town — literally,” said Dennis Babbitt, co-chairman of the plein air committee. “They’ll paint pictures during the day, and then in the evening we have a reception and showing for the public.”

Curt Dennison / courtesy Acclaim Press

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