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Press Image courtesy of Kimberley French, 20th Century Fox

If you haven’t seen the “The Revenant,” nominated for 12 Oscars, you’ve probably heard about the mythologized performance of Best Actor-hungry Leonardo DiCaprio who went to great lengths to make his performance as the wild and ferocious frontiersman Hugh Glass believable.

From the first moments of “A Separation,” which opens with tempers flaring in the unwelcoming confines of a judge’s chambers in Tehran, it appears that Simin and Nader are headed inexorably for divorce.

Simin, a teacher, has an opportunity to emigrate from Iran to the West and she wants her husband, Nader, and their daughter, Termeh, to go with her. She sees emigration as a particular opportunity for the bright, inquisitive daughter, on the cusp of adolescence and eager to learn about the rest of the world.