11:45 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Panera plans more pay-what-you-want cafés

Panera Bread plans to add two more pay-what-you-want cafes later this year, part of the company's effort to help feed the hungry in a dignified way.

Panera spokeswoman Kate Antonacci said Thursday that the specific locations won't be announced until spring.

One could open by summer, the other in the fall. A third site is also being considered for later this year.

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Arts & Culture
5:38 pm
Mon May 16, 2011

Panera's "pay-what-you-want" concept cafés a "huge success"

(via Flickr/TerryJohnston)

The St. Louis restaurant company Panera says its experiment to open several "pay-what-you-want nonprofit restaurants" has been a huge success.

Customers at these special facilities order like normal, but the cashiers simply suggest payment amounts - what customers actually put into the donation box is up to them.

Panera founder and chairman Ronald Shaich says nearly 80 percent of customers pay the full prices or more.

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