prevailing wage

2:13 pm
Fri July 12, 2013

Nixon Makes Decision On Prevailing Wage, Abortion Bills And More

Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon signs a bill into law in his State Capitol office.
Marshall Griffin, KWMU

With just a couple days left before the deadline, Democratic Governor Jay Nixon announced his decision on the few bills he had left. We've compiled those decisions below.

Without his signature, Nixon has allowed legislation that will require doctors to be in the room for the initial dose of a drug used in medication abortions.

Nixon announced Friday he would not sign the bill that effectively prohibits the use of telemedicine to provide medication abortions in Missouri. Without the signature, the bill becomes law.

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Prevailing Wage
3:10 am
Tue May 14, 2013

Prevailing Wage Exemption For Maintenance Projects Likely Dead Following Mo. Senate Filibuster

Missouri Capitol Building.

It appears that Democrats in the Missouri Senate have successfully stopped legislation that would have redefined what constitutes a maintenance project and exempted those being done on public property from the state's prevailing wage requirement.

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Prevailing Wage
8:29 pm
Mon May 6, 2013

Mo. Gen. Assembly Sends Targeted Prevailing Wage Bill To Gov. Nixon

(via Flickr/bigburpsx3)

The Missouri General Assembly has sent Governor Jay Nixon (D) legislation that would provide a targeted roll back of the state's prevailing wage.

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Prevailing Wage
9:30 am
Tue April 30, 2013

Overhaul Of Prevailing Wage For Public Works Projects Passes Mo. Senate

Legislation that would bar the state minimum wage from exceeding the federal rate has passed the Missouri House.
(via Flickr/bigburpsx3)

The Missouri Senate has passed a House bill that would overhaul the state's prevailing wage for public works projects.

Under current state law, the prevailing wage paid to workers of a certain trade is calculated based on surveys from contractors on a public works project.  The bill approved by the Senate Monday night would instead require wage surveys to be split between union and non-union employers, and the prevailing wage would be set by the group that reported more hours of work.

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Prevailing wage/schools
6:43 pm
Thu February 28, 2013

Mo. House Passes Bill Allowing Some Schools To Waive Prevailing Wage

Mo. Capitol
Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio

The Missouri House has passed legislation that would allow some school districts to exempt themselves from the prevailing wage requirement for construction and maintenance projects.

The sponsor, State Representative Casey Guernsey (R, Bethany), says it will allow rural schools in particular to be able to afford much-needed expansions and upgrades.

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Prevailing wage requirement
7:46 pm
Tue February 12, 2013

Mo. Sen. Committee Considers Bill That Would Eliminate Prevailing Wage Rule

Mo. Sen. Committee on Small Business, Insurance and Industry hears testimony on legislation to eliminate the prevailing wage requirement.
Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio

Legislation that would eliminate the prevailing wage requirement in Missouri was heard Tuesday by a State Senate committee.

The state calculates various wages that are to be paid in each county and in St. Louis for construction trades on building projects.  The sponsor, State Senator Dan Brown (R, Rolla), says eliminating prevailing wage requirements would give smaller businesses outside of St. Louis and Kansas City a fair shot at landing construction contracts.

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Pro-union rally
7:37 pm
Tue March 27, 2012

Massive pro-union rally at Mo. Capitol

iPad photo of pro-labor union rally on March 27, 2012. Gov. Jay Nixon (D) is addressing the crowd.
(Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio)

Well over a thousand labor union members rallied outside the State Capitol Tuesday against various bills in the General Assembly they say is anti-worker.

In particular, they oppose legislation that would suspend the prevailing wage law in tornado-ravaged Joplin and other parts of Missouri declared to be federal disaster areas.  Governor Jay Nixon (D) spoke at the rally, accusing Republican lawmakers and their backers of attacking working people in Missouri.

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