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Robert McFerrin

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Bobby McFerrin’s wildly eclectic musical career has taken him from early gigs singing with the Ice Follies and working with the New Orleans jazz-fusion band Astral Project in the 1970s to collaborations with classical artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, jazz legends such as Chick Corea. He has also served as creative chair for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and has conducted the Chicago Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the St. Louis Symphony.

Bobby McFerrin is a multi-faceted vocalist.  A 10-time Grammy winner, he has blurred the lines between pop music and fine art and has inspired a generation of a cappella singers.  He is best known for his hit, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, which explores the limits of the human voice.  But while he is certainly pleased with the song’s success, he does not want to be defined by it.