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Missouri's corn and soybean harvests continue to look good, especially corn.

November estimates from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that corn growers are averaging 145 bushels an acre, which so far is the fourth-highest return in state history.

kneedeepbeattie300.jpg 2008 caption "Corn is supposed to be knee high by now ... not the water."
Bruce Beattie | Daytona Beach Journal | St. Louis Beacon archives

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: June 23, 2008 - Devastating floods along the Mississippi River may have caught most of the media attention in recent weeks, raising fears of higher food prices and damaged crops in an increasingly global food market.

For weeks, however, farmers throughout Missouri and, to a lesser extent, Illinois, have been struggling through the wettest planting season on record, not to mention paying high prices for fuel, fertilizer and seeds.