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When Bruce Feiler set out to create a guide for happy families, he found that there is little research into what makes a family happy. 

What he found most useful didn’t come from the world of family studies.  Instead, he sought out those who know how to make groups and teams work more effectively and learned what they were doing with their families.  Then he took those things for a "test drive" with his own wife and twin girls, and articulated some things that work.

Big Read starts off with a big name

Sep 17, 2008

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: September 17, 2008 - When you're promoting an event called the Big Read festival , it helps to have a big name to brag about, and organizers of this year's festival think they have one: Alan Alda

But if a big name doesn't have the right reputation, it can cause big grumbling.