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New media campaign supporting red light cameras begins

(UPI/Bill Greenblatt)
Hazelwood Police Chief Carl Wolf (center) speaks at a press conference about red light cameras today.

A new media campaign in support of red light cameras rolls out across Missouri today.

The advertisements are sponsored by a group calling itself the "National Coalition for Safer Roads."

David Kelly is the executive director.  He says there is a false impression that a majority of Missourians are opposed to red light cameras.

"It's because opponents of the camera systems are a very vocal minority," Kelly said. "They have been in this space, criticizing the camera systems for too long, without someone talking about the benefits of the camera systems."

Kelly quotes a statewide poll commissioned by his organization that shows 71 percent of Missourians support red light cameras.

NCSR also points to a Missouri Department of Transportation study that says right-angle collisions are reduced up to 40 percent.

But, Bob Boyer of the Jefferson County Council says that hasn't been the case in his area.

"My big issue with these cameras is simply looking at the example we have in the city of Arnold, we have a five year test case in Jefferson County, and frankly they don't work, accidents have gone up," Boyer said.

The Jefferson County Council is in the process discontinuing its use cameras, as is the city of Washington, Mo.

The NCSR receives part of its funding from American Traffic Solutions, which manufactures and installs red light cameras.

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