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  • 080220_monument_JDG_01.jpg
    Michael Thomas
    Pulitzer Arts Foundation
    Philadelphia-based group Monument Lab asked 750 St. Louisans to draw maps of the city from memory. The results provided different views of the city's history, along a familiar racial divide.
  • Tarot Cards of Marseilles, c. 1795-1825; Master Mason’s Ritual Apron, 19th century; Musical-Masonic Chess Set, c. 1790-1810; Skull & Crossbones, c. late 18th century; Triangle-base Candlesticks, c. 18th or 19th Century, All artifacts collection of Tom Gallegos.
    Austin Fuller
    As I walk into the “Dare to Know: Chess in the Age of Reason” exhibition, I instantly feel surrounded by history. Even though I’m not a well-seasoned chess master, there are several unique chess sets and collectibles that catch my eye. As an artist, I am immediately drawn to the skillful craft and the aesthetics of the hand-carved chess sets. However, some of my favorite pieces in “Dare to Know” celebrate the wonder, mystery, and illusion of the Enlightenment.