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Summer Concerts: The world comes to Tower Grove Park with the International Festival

Festival of Nations International Institute Tower Grove Park
File photo | Rachel Heidenry | 2008

Those who are looking for something out of the ordinary run of entertainment in St. Louis have hit the jackpot this weekend. It’s time for the International Institute’s Festival of Nations

Food, games, craft demonstrations and, of course, music can be found in Tower Grove Park from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday.

We’ll concentrate on the music here but check the website for much more, including information about  where to park (Saint Louis University’s Marie Curie Parking Lot) to find shuttle service.

Three venues will offer live entertainment. Again, consult the website for complete details, but know that the first hour of the first day on the Enterprise Forest Stage includes Missouri River Cloggers and Tibetan Monks Sacred Arts. That should give you some idea of the variety that awaits.

What cultures are represented? Afro-Caribbean, Bulgarian, Japanese, Filipino, Colombian, Scottish, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Korean, Haitian, Cuban, Tibetan, Greek, Congolese, Middle Eastern, Dominican, African, Mexican, South Indian, Polynesian, African, Russian, Spanish, Austrian, Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian, Italian, Welsh, Native American, Jewish, Bosnian, Iranian, French, Nigerian, Turkish, South American, Brazilian and American, including African American and Appalachian.

And I would wager that I didn’t get them all. I would also wager that the "food court" will given everyone a change to try at least one thing new to the palate.

And if you want the tried and true, the summer concert season may be winding down, but the Big List still has lots of options.

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