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Help wanted! SLU seeks advice on Billiken 3.0

SLU's new version of its Billiken mascot as of September 2016
Bill Barrett | provided by SLU

Stung by the negative reception given its recent revamping of the Billiken mascot, Saint Louis University wants public input for a do-over.

SLU President Fred Pestello resorted to his favorite communication channel, Twitter, on Tuesday in a politically themed presentation titled "Decision 2016." It directs anyone interested in helping to shape Billiken 3.0 to an online poll to give views on the color, eyes, hairdo and other features on the upcoming revision.

The poll is an effort to help SLU rebound from what was a strongly negative response to its unveiling of  the new Billiken mascot in September. Students quizzed about their reaction used descriptions like “creepy,” “menacing” and “something you’d see in a child’s nightmare.”

Conceding defeat, Pestello went to the Zoo to ask animals what they thought, posting the video on – you guessed it – Twitter. It promised upcoming changes, and urged everyone to stay tuned.

That field trip apparently led to the latest campaign-style pitch. But before you cast your real election ballot next Tuesday, if you’re interested in the new Billiken, you have only until Sunday to give your thoughts.  As Pestello reminds everyone, if you don’t vote, you have no right to go on Facebook to complain.

Decision 2016: Time to weigh in on the new, new Billiken mascot costume. I need your input. WATCH: pic.twitter.com/BG5UMBuCGW — Fred P. Pestello (@SLUPresident) November 1, 2016

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