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With presidential election just weeks away, many voters remain very unhappy


In just about a month, Election Day 2016 will be here. By the end of Nov. 8, Americans will most likely know who will be the nation’s next president.

But will they be happy?

Probably not, based on what many sources in our Public Insight Network have told us.

During September, St. Louis Public Radio asked people throughout St. Louis and beyond to share their political mood. Just as when the station posed the question in January, and again in March, many voters are feeling dour about the presidential candidates. Democrats and Republicans alike say they feel as though they are being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.

When independents and Green Party voters weigh in, they, too, are unhappy, mostly because they are frustrated that their alternative candidates aren’t getting the attention their backers believe they deserve.

Some voters expressed positive moods. A few are optimistic or hopeful. But just a few.

But voters who are feeling concerned or nervous or even resigned about the election may be able to take some small comfort in knowing they have plenty of company. 


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