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Environmental issues in Missouri are complicated. Communities along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are experiencing worse and more frequent floods. People living near toxic waste sites are dealing with the stress of waiting for contamination to be cleaned up. And to top it off, climate change is adversely affecting the health and economy for city residents and rural communities.St. Louis Public Radio keeps you informed of the most pressing environmental issues in the state and presents the voices of people who are most affected by them.

What are your questions about the EPA's cleanup plan for West Lake Landfill?

The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized its plan to remove radioactive waste from the West Lake Landfill Superfund site.

The $205 million plan intends to remove about 70 percent of the site’s radioactivity and dispose of the waste at an out-of-state facility. The EPA will spend the next year and a half determining how to clean up the site and how to keep workers and the area residents safe during excavation.

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What are your questions about the EPA’s clean-up plan for West Lake Landfill? What should our reporters be asking? Submit a question below.



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