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Blunt: drought highlights need for good farm policy

Jul 19, 2012

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt is applauding the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s move to designate all of Missouri’s 114 counties a disaster area.

Speaking to reporters today, Blunt said the state’s ongoing drought highlights the need for good farm policy and he would like the House to pass a final farm bill by the end of September.

“I’d like to see a farm bill done,” said Blunt during a conference call with reporters. “I’d like for it to be as long as it can reasonably be in terms of farm policy that farm families can depend on. And I’d like to see us get this done by Sep. 30 when the current farm bill runs out. But some action will have to be taken.”

The Farm Bill has been stalled in the House for nearly a month. It deals with a wide range of issues including food stamps and crop insurance.

Blunt says according to the Missouri Climate Center, May was the eighth-driest month dating back to 1895.

“So we’ve got some significant problems,” Blunt said. “A whole different set of problems than we dealt with last year as it relates to weather. But one of the reasons that good farm policy matters. And in fact Secretary Vilsack said he would have more of the tools he needed if the Congress would go ahead and pass the farm bill.”

Blunt plans to meet with farmers in Rogersville tomorrow to discuss the ongoing drought.

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