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Commentary: My Father's Day Gift

Jun 13, 2008

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: June 13, 2008 - I got an email on my work address from someone I didn't recognize.

Queries are good. It means new people are finding the Beacon. I only wonder when I'll get to the point that I can't keep up.

I worked only at nights for almost 10 days as I did a marathon road tip and haven't made it through all the emails I set aside then.

Now I'm working nights again, for during the day I've been on jury duty. I can't keep up with posting picks and all the arts and entertainment emails I had tagged to put up are being wasted. I need to at least open all the email, however.

What a wonderful decision. As I read the words, my eyes grew misty:

"Your father was at our Lions Steak Feed last night. He was showing everyone your business card. There is little doubt that your father is quite proud of you.

"I say this not because of last night's event, but because your dad had often spoken about you and your accomplishments.

"Since Fathers Day is approaching, I thought maybe you would like to know there is one father who is proud of his daughter.

"Take time to enjoy your dad and bask in his love."

What a wonderful father's day gift -- to me.