Congressman praises river port potential to Chinese delegation | St. Louis Public Radio

Congressman praises river port potential to Chinese delegation

Jan 11, 2012

An Illinois Congressman and US transportation officials are talking up a Granite City river port to a Chinese delegation exploring new trade routes to the American market.

Congressman Jerry Costello touted the access America's Central Port has to railroads and highways during a visit from China's Vice Minister of Maritime Affairs, Xu Zuyuan.

Costello said a harbor to be completed next year will give a strategic advantage in moving imports and exports.

"A lot of people do not understand that the Mississippi River, not only is a river," Costello said. "It is a super highway to get goods and products from the United States to other parts of the world, and products from other parts of the world into the United States along the river." 

The Chinese delegation toured the port as part of the fourth annual Transportation Forum being held in St. Louis. Approximately 3 million tons of goods and materials pass through the port each year.