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Garden Glow Gives A Great Reason For A Stroll At Night

Dec 27, 2014

So you have relatives in town, kids that need to get out and about or you just need to stretch your legs and decompress.

The Garden Glow Light Exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden has been a favorite with members of our staff. It is not open Christmas, but is Dec. 26-Jan. 3 – though not New Year’s Eve -- from 5:30-9:30. A recommendation: Get tickets in advance.

How many lights?

Garden Glow 2014
Credit Susan Hegger | St. Louis Public Radio

600,000 -- that's almost 100,000 more than last year

Worried about cold?

Fire pits can help keep you warm, or buy some hot chocolate. Plus the Shaw home is open, which will provide a beautiful place to warm up.

How long is the walk?

The garden says a person can see all the lights with less than a mile of walking. But you might want to double back, so figure at least a mile and more than an hour.

You want to take your own photos?

Photography is encouraged, but the garden asks that tripods and other static camera supports be left at home.  In other words, take all the photos you want, just don’t impede others on the tour.

You went last year, what’s new?

A large, inflatable snow globe that people can take pictures around and in. In? Check it out. The fire pits have been moved to lessen crowding.

What about other places?

St. Louis has a wealth of light-gazing opportunities. Another walk -- maybe even better for kids -- is Wild Lights at the St. Louis Zoo. If you prefer to drive, there's the Tilles Park Winter Wonderland, the Way of Lights at Our Lady of the Snows and the lights at Anheuser-Busch.