Mo. House committee passes STL firefigher pensions bill | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. House committee passes STL firefigher pensions bill

Apr 12, 2012

A Missouri House committee has unanimously passed a bill that would make cuts to firefighter pensions in St. Louis, but not before committee members made a few changes to the legislation.

New St. Louis firefighters would pay in 9 percent of their salaries, instead of 8 percent as originally proposed, and applicants would have to disclose any pre-existing injuries and conditions before being hired.  New hires would still get back 25 percent of what they pay in as originally proposed.  It’s sponsored by State Rep. Mike Leara (R, Sunset Hills).

“My purpose of involving myself and our committee in this was to save the taxpayers from a growing underfunded liability," Leara said.  "It’s savings to the city (of St. Louis)…they can’t afford it any longer.”

The bill has one more committee stop before moving to the House floor for debate.  Leara also says if it makes it to the floor, he expects some lawmakers will try to amend the bill even further.