Mo. Special session may end Friday with nothing passed | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. Special session may end Friday with nothing passed

Sep 21, 2011

The special legislative session called by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) could end as soon as Friday without any legislation being passed.

House and Senate leaders continue to butt heads over what should and should not be included in the wide-ranging tax credit bill, and that includes the compromise version that House leaders announced that they’ve reached with the governor.  Senate President Pro-tem Rob Mayer (R, Dexter) says the chances of reaching a compromise by Friday look very slim.

“The bullet point summary that we were given excluded sunsets on low income and historic preservation (tax credits)," Mayer said.  "That’s a non-starter here in this body.”

On Wednesday, House leaders issued a statement that they had worked with Governor Nixon and consulted with members of the Senate on a compromise tax credit bill everyone could agree on.  But Mayer told reporters he’s not aware of anyone from the House consulting with any member of the Senate on the so-called compromise.

“When (the) governor goes off with the House and negotiates a deal and then (the House puts out) a press release...I mean, that’s a pretty big slap in the face," Mayer said.

Mayer also says that they won’t take up any other bills, including the St. Louis Police local control bill, unless an agreement is reached on tax credits.  However, he said if the House passes the Facebook Fix bill before Friday’s scheduled adjournment that the Senate would sign it and pass it on to the governor.