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Parson meets with Trump, discusses Missouri needs and issues

Jun 22, 2018

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson on Thursday took his get-acquainted tour to the nation’s capital.

The new governor attended a group of meetings in Washington,  including a lunch meeting with President Donald Trump that was attended by seven other governors. Parson described the meeting with Trump as insightful.

“The president seemed to be very engaged and listened to some of our issues and some of our problems, and was trying to work with us,” Parson said.

The discussions included improving Missouri’s roads and bridges, he said.

Trump is "very concerned about infrastructure in this country,” Parson said. “He’s interested in bringing jobs back here and maintaining jobs in all of our states, all over the country.”

The lunch meeting came one day after Trump signed an executive order to end separating parents and children who enter the U.S. illegally. Parson said he’s glad the president signed the order, but added that the controversial policy was not discussed at the president’s lunch meeting.

“I think that was a common-sense thing to do, making sure we’re keeping families together,” Parson said. “And at the same time making the point that we’ve still got to do something about securing the border.”

Parson also met with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, and with officials from the Commerce Department and the Small Business Administration. He said those discussions also focused on improving Missouri’s transportation system, along with providing jobs and growing a well-educated workforce.

The governor is scheduled to be back at the Missouri Capitol Friday.

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