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Bars and Restaurants

January 6, 2020 Dave Greteman
Emily Woodbury | St. Louis Public Radio

Getting drunk at dinner is sooo 2010. Some of the area’s most buzz-worthy bars are now focused on drinks that won’t get you buzzed. That includes Elmwood.

At this one-year-old Maplewood hotspot, the roster of booze-free cocktails (called “zero proof”) is just as interesting and complex as that of their liquor-fueled cousins. The restaurant is also serving drinks it calls “low proof,” offering a taste of spirits without condemning you to a raging headache the next morning.

Hofbräuhaus Owes Bank $21.7 Million, And Its Fall Closure Was Due To Unpaid Sales Tax

Dec 17, 2019
Royal Banks of Missouri is seeking a $21.7 million judgment against the developers of the Hofbräuhaus German restaurant and brewery in Belleville.
Belleville News-Democrat

BELLEVILLE — On the same September day the Hofbräuhaus in Belleville said on Facebook that it was closing temporarily because it was under new management, the Illinois Department of Revenue posted a warning sign on its door saying that the business’ certificate of registration was revoked for non-compliance with tax laws.

A Department of Revenue spokesman said the bright-green sign posted on Sept. 27 means a business can’t be in operation. Due to taxpayer confidentiality laws, state officials could not disclose details of why the Hofbräuhaus’ certificate of registration was revoked. The restaurant reopened less than a week later.

December 11, 2019 Brasserie
Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

This summer, we got a voicemail message from a listener. She said we talk too much about the newly opened restaurants in the city. She said we don’t spend enough time on the eateries that have stood the test of time.

We realized she had a point. And so on Thursday’s St. Louis on the Air, we put together a dream-team panel to remedy it. St. Louis Post-Dispatch food critic Ian Froeb, Riverfront Times food critic Cheryl Baehr and St. Louis Magazine dining editor George Mahe all joined us in studio for the conversation. 

The Parlor's Cup at Parlor, a bar located in the Grove neighborhood, is just one offering among a growing trend of low-to-no-ABV cocktails.
Carmen Troesser | Sauce Magazine

An evening of merriment, fun and flavor doesn’t have to involve alcohol – that’s an oft-repeated and frequently doubted notion. But it’s a growing mantra even among some bartenders and drink-industry enthusiasts, and it needn’t be a buzz kill.

Plus, for people trying to drink less – or not at all – it’s a welcome trend that can make the idea of going out socially much more appealing.

“It’s so valuable to remove that social element of not drinking,” said Heather Hughes, managing editor of Sauce Magazine. “If you’re trying not to drink for whatever reason – if you think you may have a problem or if you are pregnant – it’s a huge issue of concern to go out with people.”

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Aug. 12, 2013 - It seems to be the new favorite cocktail. Mix in one part drawing or craft-making and one part beer, wine or your favorite mixed drink, and presto: an evening of fun.

Local watering holes and restaurants, an art gallery, a nursery and even a grocery store are encouraging DUIs: drawing under the influence. These events range from bawdy to benign.