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Champions Showdown

While he did not perform as well as he hoped, Kasparov scored some nice wins on day four of the 2019 Champions Showdown.
St. Louis Chess Club

While none of the matches truly went down to the wire, the players did an excellent job of entertaining the audience with exciting games from Sept. 3 through Sept. 5.

Garry Kasparov may have been out of the match since Day 3, but he continued to fight admirably and picked up some nice wins for his efforts. 

Leinier Domínguez plays at the 2018 Champions Showdown at the St. Louis Chess Club.
Lennart Ootes | St. Louis Chess Club

The chess season has officially kicked off at the St. Louis Chess Club with the ongoing Cairns Cup, featuring some of the top female players in the world, and will continue on with another staple on the calendar, the Champions Showdown.

As a standalone event, the Showdown has historically been more experimental and geared toward the fans, having featured chess variants such as Fischer Random and Basque chess in previous editions.