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Christina "Steenz" Stewart is now the new artist on "Heart of The City," a daily syndicated comic strip.

Christina “Steenz” Stewart initially studied studio art with a focus on illustration while attending Maryville University. Although she honed her visual craft there, she realized she didn’t quite get the tools to become a professional cartoonist. 

After leaving Maryville University, she picked up various jobs in editing and retail, eventually landing a job at Star Clipper, a local comic book store. It was there that she decided to try her hand at making comics. She would submit to Ink and Drink Comics, a local monthly gathering of comic fans releasing semi-annual themed short story anthologies, and collaborate on projects with friends.

It wasn’t until she saw comic artist Brittany Williams’ name on a Samurai Jack comic that Stewart realized she could make being a comic artist a career.

(May 03, 2019) Apotheosis Comics & Lounge owner Martin Casas (left) and comic artists Maggie Thurston (middle) and Jim Mahfood talked about their passion for comic books and culture on Friday's talk show.
Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

This weekend, comics fans will get the chance to celebrate their love for the literary art at local stores in observance of Free Comic Book Day. The celebration – which dates back to 2002 – was started to help bring new readers into independent comic book stores. Local shops and libraries across the city and county will observe the event and offer visitors free comics.

Apotheosis Comics & Lounge will host a free event Saturday, May 4 that'll include meet-and-greets with professional comic book artists, live music and lots of comic book giveaways. 

On Chess: When your chess opponent wears a cape

Apr 26, 2017
Children enjoy the intersection of chess and comics at the opening reception for "POW! Capturing Superheroes, Chess & Comics" at the World Chess Hall of Fame on March 23, 2017.
World Chess Hall of Fame | Austin Fuller

Ever since the first cartoonists joined text and images together to tell stories, they turned to chess to deliver funny gags and to illustrate metaphors of power, fate, and good and evil. Now, the World Chess Hall of Fame’s exhibit, "POW! Capturing Superheroes, Chess & Comics,on view through Sept. 17, offers a rare chance to enjoy the full scope of what happens when chess and comics join forces.

Giant robot lions connect in order to form a larger robot humaniod with a sword named Voltron
Provided by Lion Forge

“Ready to form Voltron!”

Fans of the mid-1980s TV show Voltron will recognize that phrase as the moment five robots join together to protect Earth from evil aliens. Now, local company Lion Forge Comics will release a comic based on the series.

“I’ve been a fan of Voltron. It was one of those properties that I grew up with in the ‘80s, so it was probably my favorite show ever,” said Lion Forge head David Steward.