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Crestwood Court

The old Crestwood mall was demolished in 2016, but some signs remain on the property.
Wayne Pratt | St. Louis Public Radio

Developers of the old Crestwood mall site insist work is being done behind the scenes to redevelop the nearly 50-acre property along Watson Road. But right now, it is still a huge patch of dirt and weeds in the center of the south St. Louis County municipality.

The mall has been closed since 2013 and was demolished in 2016.

Bulldozers and dump trucks are what's in store for the vacant mall most recently known as Crestwood Court as redevelopment plans are in the works. Thousands of residents came to say good-bye at a food truck festival held Saturday.
Stephanie Lecci | St. Louis Public Radio

Santa Claus. That’s the first thing Carol Feldman thinks of when she recalls her childhood memories of the mall known then as Crestwood Plaza off Watson Road.


A shuttered St. Louis County mall has a new owner. 

The defunct Crestwood Court sold for $3.65 million on on Thursday afternoon. It came to that final price after a starting bid of $1 million.

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The Sears in Crestwood Court will be among the 100 to 120 stores the company is closing following disappointing holiday sales.

The company released a list Thursday of 79 Sears and Kmart stores to be shuttered across the country.

The company announced the closings Tuesday. It provided no timeframe.

No Kmart stores will be closed in Missouri. The only other Sears to close in the state is in Lee’s Summit.

All Sears and Kmart stores in Illinois will also remain open for now.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Nov. 2, 2011 - In its early days, Avalon Theatre got by with a small, technologically limited space at Union United Methodist Church, stashing its props, sets and costumes in basements and garages. Now, the company produces state-of-the art shows, runs an office, and stores all its stuff in a more sophisticated, 5,000-square-foot facility inside Crestwood Court's ArtSpace.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Jan. 24, 2010 - In 1985, desiring jewelry to match a special outfit, Christine Dee rummaged through her boyfriend's basement for any implement she could find to cut wire. After spying a pair of pruning shears, Dee, then 18, gathered a few glass beads and quickly crafted the perfect earrings.

Twenty-five years later, and with more sophisticated tools, the self-taught jeweler and metalsmith is taking in thousands of dollars a month -- $6,500 in December -- as a Crestwood Court artist and vendor at Deesigns. Hers is the biggest success story among the more than 200 ArtSpace artists that began to dot the mall in December 2008.