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End of Life

Jamie Sentnor (L) and Deborah Phelps (R) joined host Don Marsh to talk about caring for seriously ill relatives and for the people who provide care.
Alex Heuer | St. Louis Public Radio

“The supply of family caregivers will not keep pace with the future demand as our population ages and people live with multiple complex chronic conditions,” argued the authors of a recent academic article in Generations: Journal of American Society on Aging.

This point highlights an impending shortage of caregivers but also of concern is how the people who take care of our older population are cared for themselves.

Diane Rehm
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Famed NPR host Diane Rehm has not scaled back the magnitude of the issues she is tackling after she announced her planned retirement from behind the microphone earlier this year. In fact, she is taking on one of the most difficult topics for most of us to talk about: death.

Pearl Holden portrait
Durrie Bouscaren | St. Louis Public Radio

Adrienne Holden has seen hard deaths and easier deaths. Long ones and short ones. Times when the deceased left their families with precise instructions for their care and burial, and times when they did not.

Commentart: The liberty to choose death

Dec 4, 2008

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Dec. 4, 2008 - Several months ago I watched my mother slip away with both sadness and a selfish concern with my own death.

Toward the end of a long dying, when at last she lay in morphine-induced sleep, I saw not my mother but a corpse struggling to breathe. She was thin, bones I never knew she had protruding sharply from her chest, framing her chin. Her chest would heave slightly with the effort to bring air into her lungs. No other motion.