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St. Louis has produced a wealth of influential musicians working in every genre under the sun, from hip-hop to Americana.

Authors Amanda E. Doyle and Steve Pick capture many of the sights and sounds of this history in their new book “St. Louis Sound: An Illustrated Timeline,” published by St. Louis-based Reedy Press.

Second Set: The sudden descent of 'Jet Lag'

Mar 8, 2012

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, March 8, 2012 - There’s really no exaggerating how important "Jet Lag" was to the music local community from its start in March 1980, to its demise just over a decade later. Begun by John “The Mailman” Korst and Steve Pick, his co-editor, co-publisher and a longtime local music writer and radio host, the zine began in the typical style of the day, a small, photocopied publication, bent in half and stapled. Priced at 50 cents, it featured a gang of young friends writing record and concert reviews, local scene updates and, eventually, some fun Q-and-As. Born of enthusiasm, the magazine grew slowly, but surely.