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Anne Austin working with ancient tattoos
Anne Austin

As a scholar who works with human remains, Anne Austin had long looked closely at bones. Her training is in osteology and Egyptology, and for many years she worked to expand the world’s knowledge about the health, medicine and disease of past civilizations. 

But in 2016, her focus suddenly turned from bones to ancient skin — and body art.

“As I was doing my research, I accidentally came across this really heavily tattooed mummy — minimum 30 tattoos, on her arms, her shoulders and her back,” Austin recalled. “That discovery literally rewrote what we understand about tattooing in ancient Egypt. And since then, I’ve been able to go back and find more tattoos at the site [where] I work.”

Tattoo art is not unique to this time or place

Jul 6, 2018

Everywhere I look, I see people of all ages with tattoos.

When I think back in time, I remember being fascinated with Academy Award winner for best actress, Anna Magnani in "The Rose Tattoo" and I secretly wanted a rose tattoo on my breast as well. And of course Popeye the Sailor man was my ideal as the real "he-man." 

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What is art?

That is the question Alton, Ill. residents and council members debated after the owner of a tattoo parlor, Grand Piasa Body Art, proposed relocating his business to East Broadway Street, in the city’s historic downtown district.

Immortalizing Tattoos Through Photography

Jan 11, 2015
Brain Cummings' printed his photos on leather to mimic the application of ink to human skin.
Willis Ryder Arnold/St. Louis Public Radio

A St. Louis based photographer is making an international name for himself in tattoo photography. 

Forty-two year old Brian Cummings never expected his project documenting tattoos to be featured in Taiwanese magazines or provoke photography students to call him once a month. 

“I’m honored and do the interview and then go ‘How did you find me?’ And they’re like, ‘I looked up tattoo photography.’ And I’m like, ‘alright, I’ve cornered the market,’” said Cummings chuckling.

Morning headlines: Friday, August 5, 2011

Aug 5, 2011

Mo. Gross Revenue Up Slightly

Missouri’s gross revenue collection in July was up by .6 percent as compared to July 2010.

The revenue increase is driven by strong individual income tax collection, which was up 9.3 percent over the same time last year. Sales taxes remain stagnant, according to state budget director Linda Luebbering. She blames low sales tax collection on a stubbornly high unemployment rate.

  • Prosecutors and defense attorneys were in court Tuesday arguing over whether a jury should hear testimony from prosecution witnesses in the trial of Christopher Coleman next year. Coleman is charged in the strangulation death of his wife, Sheri, and their two sons in May 2009 in Columbia, Il. Coleman's attorneys are trying to block prosecutors from using text messages Sheri Coleman sent to friends about martial problems before the killings. According to the St.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, July 20, 2009 - A little over a year ago, Vienna, Ill., Correctional Center officer Todd Walsh got his second tattoo.

But unlike the firefighter helmet-wearing bulldog wrapped in an American flag that covers his left upper arm, the new design on his right wrist is a more practical choice: a medical "star of life" emblem with the word "diabetic" underneath.