‘An impossible human being’: St. Louis native Josephine Baker and her quest for a racial utopia | St. Louis Public Radio

‘An impossible human being’: St. Louis native Josephine Baker and her quest for a racial utopia

Mar 19, 2018

Josephine Baker is remembered for being many different things over the course of her remarkable life – a burlesque performer, a film actress, an activist, even a war hero. Less well known is the St. Louis-born celebrity’s role as a mother to 12 ethnically diverse children she began adopting in the 1950s as her “rainbow tribe.”

Now based in New York City with Gimlet Media, producer Emanuele Berry was a co-founder of St. Louis Public Radio’s “We Live Here” podcast.
Credit Photo courtesy of Emanuele Berry

That personal quest to build a racial utopia is at the center of a recently released podcast episode from Gimlet Media and was also in focus during Monday’s St. Louis on the Air. Producer Alex Heuer spoke with Emanuele Berry, formerly of St. Louis Public Radio and now a producer for Gimlet’s “The Nod,” about her interest in Baker’s life and legacy.

Berry described Baker, who was born in 1906, as “an impossible human being” who somehow managed to take part in a wide variety of activities “at a time when for a black woman it shouldn’t have been possible.” After growing up in a poor household in St. Louis, she moved to New York City at age 15, and then on to France, soon finding success as an entertainer despite experiencing blatant segregation and racism.

Baker’s unusual journey – and particularly the unique family she cobbled together in an attempt to fix the deep-seated problems she observed in her mid-20th-century world – resonated with Berry.

“This idea of a utopia, or this idea of escaping racial prejudice or finding a space where it’s OK to be a black person,” she said, “is something that I have thought about a lot and that I’m really, really interested in.”


Listen to the full episode from “The Nod” here.

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