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Sound Bites: How St. Louisans Are Turning Their Love For Beer Into A Thriving Homebrewing Scene

Apr 1, 2019

It’s no secret that St. Louisans love their beer, so much so that some take the matter into their own hands with no intention of ever going pro. Homebrewing is the subject of this month’s Sound Bites segment with Sauce Magazine. The publication’s new Guide to Beer features several local homebrew clubs that meet monthly to swap brews, recipes and critique each other’s creations. 

On Monday’s St. Louis on the Air, producer Lara Hamdan talked with local homebrewers Suzie Emiliozzi, president of The OG: Women’s Craft Beer Collective, and Troy Meier, president of the STL Hops Homebrew Club. Sauce managing editor Catherine Klene also participated in the discussion. 

Suzie Emiliozzi and her husband's home brewery, Four Paws Brewing, collaborated with 2nd Shift Brewing to create the "You Gotta Be Kitten Me" blonde stout with Living Room coffee.
Credit Lara Hamdan | St. Louis Public Radio

The guests noted that while homebrewed creations aren’t as easy to come by as commercial beer, that doesn’t mean they’re completely inaccessible to outsiders. Interested beer drinkers can try the unique batches by joining various homebrew clubs or by visiting creators’ tents at various beer festivals. 

Some homebrewers devote as many as 20 hours a week to the hobby, Meier and Emiliozzi said. Besides conducting the brewing process itself, they devote time to planning and reading up on their next creations.

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Listen to the full discussion:

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