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St. Louis Public Radio’s guide to the eclipse

Aug 14, 2017

Don Marsh to Host Two-Hour St. Louis on the Air on August 21

On August 21, Don Marsh will host a 2-hour special of St. Louis on the Air to discuss the cultural, scientific, economic, and celestial phenomena of the total solar eclipse. Listeners and reporters from across the region will describe what they see. Scientists, researchers, and historians will share ancients’ perspectives. Traffic specialists and meteorologists will report on changing conditions across the region. Do you have your safety viewing glasses, yet? If not, check out our previous story on how (and why) you should protect your eyesight. Then listen on the 21st when Don talks with eye doctors about the necessity of protecting your eyes while viewing the eclipse.

In the meantime, check out St. Louis Public Radio’s stories about the eclipse and what to expect. This morning, our colleague Mary Delach Leonard reported on what eclipse-watchers can expect at ‘City of the Sun’ Cahokia Mounds. On Today’s St. Louis on the Air, Don Marsh speaks with amateur astronomers who will share tips on what to look for during the eclipse. Wednesday, he’ll talk to those who’ve studied the history of the eclipse, and on Friday, we’ll hear from the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Division of Tourism about their preparations for the big day.

And check out these stories we’ve already aired this summer:

Where will you be?

Call and let us know at 314-329-4937 before August 21. Or call in to St. Louis on the Air at 314-382-8255 during the noon hour on August 21. We may use your responses on the show.