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Would you share embarrassing childhood writing on stage? ‘Mortified’ creator says it's cathartic

Jul 14, 2017

Would you ever share your embarrassing childhood writing and other artifacts on stage? How about on a podcast listened to by thousands each month? Or on a television show? Or in a book?

For some, it could be considered a worst nightmare. For others, it could be considered catharsis. For “Mortified” creator Dave Nadelberg, it is a little bit of both.

The idea for the multimedia creation came to Nadelberg in his 20s. He grew up in Michigan and found a letter amongst his childhood things to a girl he had a massive crush on. Finding it ridiculous, he decided to share it on stage in front of his friends and invite others to do so as well with their childhood artifacts.

The letter started:

Hello, Leslie. How is your day today? Mine's quite well, I must admit. I do hope that yours is a good one, because what you're about to read may or may not add an extra color to the rainbow at days end.

“It was this flowery, pretentious letter I intended to give to a stranger,” Nadelberg told St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh.

He never actually gave the letter to the girl, but he said finding it again later in life inspired him.

“A powerful thing came of that relationship in that I wrote the letter and eventually shared it, just not with her,” Nadelberg said. “It created this stage show called ‘Mortified,’ which really changed my life, and from that we do stage shows and books and radio specials and podcasts. It really is a strange path I’m on.”

Nadelberg is speaking tonight at the Contemporary Art Museum about some upcoming projects “Mortified” is taking on. There may even be a few dramatic readings of childhood writing from St. Louisans in the audience.

"It isn't just a comedy project, it has a sweet side too," Nadelberg said. "I wish I could say I do Mortified for the money, but I can't: it's art."

Listen as Nadelberg reflects on the power of mortification and what sharing our vulnerabilities can achieve:

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